XtianNinja Vision Video: May 10, 2021

“When I came across XtianNinja’s channel on Twitch, I recognized he had a goal that was more than simply streaming and playing games. As I continued watching his streams, I saw how happy he was (and is) to be a true friend and reach out to those who may be hurting, whether they’re comfortable opening up or staying silent, all while having lots of fun with the community. XtianNinja is willing to make himself vulnerable and shares about his own struggles with the intent of lifting someone else up, and I find that highly admirable. He has been a great example to me for reaching out to others while still having a good time. I entered the XtianNinja community with open arms to welcome me, and I know his arms are wide open for anyone else looking for a safe place, a strong place, or a place to simply hang out.” ~ RazzyRu

Welcome & Vision:

To Hi! I’m Al (known on Twitch as XtianNinja), a pastor and full-time streamer and content creator from Canada who is working hard to serve the online community by mentoring content creators and building an open, encouraging, and meaningful online family, through gaming, real talk, and God’s truth. God is absolutely blowing my mind these days with all the things He’s doing through XtianNinja Online Missions. Honestly, my heart is exploding with excitement and thanksgiving, because every day I get to be at the forefront of this world-changing ministry and I’m honoured that you’ve come here to learn more about it.
To learn more about me, my qualifications, and read a short bio, check out the “About Me” page.

Most Recent Ministry Update:

An Introduction:

Over the past months, I’ve been working hard on a new online ministry and seeing its success by hitting important benchmarks has given me the encouragement to create this vision page to share my passion and seek ministry partners. Hitting these milestones so quickly has proved not only that God is blessing this work, but that a unique ministry like this one can have a deep, spiritual impact on the people world. It’s not only the rapid numerical growth that has been exciting, but the many opportunities I’ve had to mentor Christian Content Creators, share the gospel, do pastoral counselling, build loving communities, and teach the scriptures to people who have never been to church. Another surprise has been becoming an important part of up-and-coming Christian streaming organizations and being an online “safe haven” for believers who are looking for family-friendly, Christian streamers (something not very easy to find).

The reason for this section of my website is to let you see how the ministry is coming along and ask you to help me reach more people by turning this into a full-time ministry. I’ve dedicated my life to serving this unique people group and feel that this is the right time to ask for your support because it’s no longer an “idea” but a viable and successful missions program with proven potential.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video and read this page. If you have questions or want to learn more, I would love to talk to you about my vision, hopes, and tell you some wonderful stories about experiences I’ve had with people all around the world. Contact me here.

I found the Covid pandemic very hard to deal with – the death of a parent, the lockdowns, working from home, the closure of my church and the restrictions still in place when it did reopen. All of this made it very difficult to reconnect and have fellowship with other Christians. I found it hard to concentrate and even something as simple as watching the TV was hard to focus on and it did not make up for the isolation. Around the time I first began to follow Xtianninja on Twitch, I was at a very low point and badly in need of fellowship and connections with like minded people. I found a community of people full of warmth, encouragement and people who loved Jesus. Xtianninja unwittingly spoke about a number of things over the first few weeks of me joining his stream which I so identified with. He explained the bible in a very down to earth way which was easy to relate to. Since joining the steam I feel as though I have woken up from a year long spiritual and mental slumber. ~ SisPineapple

The Vision: Going Where They Are

In Jesus’ Parable of the Great Banquet the master of the house, upon hearing that his invited guests wouldn’t come, told his servants to “go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled.” (Lk 14:12-24) When the Apostle Paul was describing his perspective on missions he said, “I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some. I do it all for the sake of the gospel…” (1Cor 9:19–23) Those verses encapsulate the heart behind XtianNinja Online Missions. My mission is to couple my theological education and ministry experience with my love of technology to purposefully join online communities for the sake of bringing the light of the gospel to people that would never be reached by traditional missions.

Gaming is HUGE:
– 1.2 Billion Gamers in the World Today
– 40 Million Active Gaming Channels
– Millions Watch Online Gaming Every day
– Among People Aged 18-35, Watching Gaming is More Popular Than Watching Sports

The Mission Field: A Dark Place with Millions of People

Watching livestream gaming is popular, but the content is overwhelmingly dark. Most video game streamers (the people being watched) are profane, overtly sexual, demonic, or simply inane. If you search for “family friendly” streamers on Twitch.tv (the largest video game streaming sight in the world) you will immediately eliminate 99% of the content. And, when it comes to the amount of purposeful, educated, passionate, online missionaries dedicated to serving these lost people, the number dwindles to mere dozens.

Consider that! Hundreds of millions of lost people struggling with loneliness, depression, addiction, and more, sitting in their homes watching hundreds of hours of dark content, desperately searching for hope and meaning in their lives – and only a few trained missionaries to reach them. These people are not in coffee shops, parks, on sports teams, or local churches. They don’t come
to events (especially during COVID) and simply cannot be reached by traditional missions. It’s a huge mission field that is desperate for trained, knowledgeable, passionate, mature, technologically-savvy, missionaries and disciple makers.

So, how do we get the gospel to people who won’t leave their homes and come to us? We go to them through their computer.

How do we inspire these people who are so used to dark content to seek God? Make excellent and enjoyable content that is not only interesting and entertaining for them to watch, but is hopeful and godly – and is coupled with purposeful, gospel oriented content that introduces them to Jesus. That’s what XtianNinja Online Ministries is all about!

Something To Read: “The Next Mission Field is a Game” Christianity Today
Something To Visit:

The Path: From Virtual Life to Eternal Life

There are already a few dedicated online missionaries that are seeing lives changed through their ministry to the gaming and streaming community – and I’m happy to include myself among them. Godsquad Gaming, Higher Score Gaming, & God Mode Activated have already seen hundreds of meaningful connections, salvations, and faith renewals in the past 10 years. And that faith doesn’t just live online! For example, GodSquad Gaming is the outreach arm of Godsquad Church, a brick-and-mortar “church for gamers” that has seen an amazing increase in attendance since they were planted in 2015. I’ve been learning from their experiences, contacting them directly, and have created an effective plan for XtianNinja Online Missions.

How an Unreached Online Stranger Becomes a Dedicated Disciple Through XtianNinja OM:

1. Discover my Content: Through Twitch Gaming & Teaching Live-streams, YouTube Videos, Podcast, or Social Media
2. Become Part of my Online Community: Chat during streams, join an XtianNinja dedicated Discord voice and text conversation server, and meet the existing follower group.
3. Connect With Me Personally: Through Chat, Discord Video & Text, or E-mail
4. Share Needs and Receive Care: I, through direct contact and on stream, and online community I’ve built shows them love and helps with their struggles.
5. Present the Gospel: Once trust is built and love is demonstrated, I present the gospel through a regular stream or directly over the community server.
6. Guide them In the First Steps of Discipleship: Through regular Livestream Bible Chats, Dedicated Devotional/Teaching Streams, and Direct Contact (Some at this point have started calling me their “pastor”.)
7. Introduce Them to a Local Congregation: Move them from Virtual Life to Eternal life with a faith community by working with them to contact the pastor and find a gospel church.
8. Continue to be their online mentor and friend.

What does a Typical streaming week on the XtianNinja Twitch Channel Look like?

Mentor Mondays: Devotional, Prayer, Discussion (30mins-1hr) – Discovering Life’s Purpose Teaching & Chat (1hr) – Topical Question of the Day (30 mins) – Game (1hr-1.5hrs)
Talk-O Tuesdays: Devotional, Prayer, Discussion (30mins-1hr) – Mental Health & Counselling Chat (1hr) – QOTD: (Eg. “What’s Bothering You?”) (30 mins-1hr) – Game (1hr-1.5hrs)
Weird Wednesdays: Devotional, Prayer, Discussion (30mins-1hr) – Silly Interent Stuff (1hr-1.5hrs) – QOTD (30 mins-1hr) – Game (1hr-1.5hrs)
Follower Appreciation Thursdays: Devotional, Prayer, Discussion (30mins-1hr) – Community Events (1hr-1.5hrs) – Game (1hr-1.5hrs)

From Global to Local: How This Reaches Your Community

Though most of the energy of this ministry will be focused on global outreach, I also have a passion to help local churches and ministries to grow and flourish. Therefore, along with the online content, I have also been working on ways to consult with churches to help them improve their technology, join the online missions community, and be a place for the people in their congregations to watch family friendly, Christian led, gaming.

Also, one thing that’s amazing about the gaming community is that they, like any other fan group, will come out to gaming related conventions and competitive events. With a little work, a church with a big room, projector, and a decent internet connection could actually host all manner of gaming related activities. This would not only open their doors to the gamers around them, but also take their online contacts and turn them into to active participants in their own in-house ministries. Another option is to start up a dedicated “e-sports” ministry where people can gain the benefits of traditional “sports ministries” but focused on competitive gaming instead.

While I can’t think of a particular instance in which the XtianNinja Community/stream impacted my life in particular, what I will say is, I believe in what Ninja is doing. I believe there is a void in the online space that needs to be filled and Ninja is attempting to fill that void. I can tell you is that I moved to a town where I didn’t know anyone. And during that time, online friends, online Christians, online gamers, helped keep me sane and from feeling lonely. And it was extra special when someone could fill all three of those roles. Ninja and his community are trying to do that and then some. ~ HunterGameDev

How It’s Going: Successes So Far

XtianNinja Channel is Exploding

I usually share a lot of numbers during my podcast updates, so I won’t overwhelm you with them here. Instead, I’ll tell you how exciting it is that four times per week, for four hours straight, I get to lead devotionals, connect, teach, encourage, counsel, practice apologetics with, and present the gospel to around 20 people consistently, with more and more stopping by every day. It’s such a wonderful challenge to wake up every day, not knowing where the conversations will go or what questions will be asked, but knowing that the Spirit of God is leading each stream in a special direction to help and encourage more and more people. And then, to have those conversations continue for hours later on the private Discord server is such an incredible blessing!

Stream Dream Team

Another incredible blessing is the launch of my new “Stream Dream Team.” a collection of volunteers who are passionately dedicated to using their God-given gifts and talents to equip, elevate, and inspire each other while helping XtianNinja reach more people on this new frontier of global missions. I knew that with the ever-expanding vision God is giving me that I was going to need help, but I never thought there would be so much! I put together an incredibly ambitious list of roles, and once I launched the website it was only mere hours before most of them were filled!

Mentorship Program & Conference

Two huge, ongoing projects I’ve been working on for the past weeks are a Christian Content Creator Mentorship Program and a New Christian Streamer Conference – and they are both forming very quickly. The Mentorship Program already has a bunch of people interested in it, and I’ve already been teaching and leading discussions on “Life’s Purpose” on my Mentor Mondays streams. The next step is to move those discussions off-stream into a weekly leadership course – but I’m still working on that content.

The Streamer Conference already has confirmed speakers and a soft date, and there is a lot of buzz in the community about it. So much so that other, larger organizations have already contacted me about helping create their own versions.

Specialized Nerd / E-Sports Content for Churches

I was recently invited to partner with some ministry leaders to create a specialized training program to help churches (and Christian ministries in general) do a better job of reaching, evangelizing, and disciple-making the nerds, gamers, and geeks in their lives. It’s a specialized group with its own culture and language, and I’m excited to be part of a team that will be helping to bring this often neglected group closer to Jesus and His church.

I recently left my church because I got tired of feeling laughed at and doubted. I ran into XtianNinja on Etsy, where he printed me a cute little baby robot, and then let slip he was a pastor. A PASTOR who makes beautiful geek toys! And then I looked at his YouTube videos, and dude, it was somebody who spoke my language, who gamed and stunk at it, who gave God talks that didn’t pull punches, who geeked over weirdness. I’m nearly fifty years old, and I have very rarely found a community, even a Christian one, that I felt accepted in. ~ Tam_I_Am

Supporting Online Missions: How You Can Help

When God called me to drop everything and start streaming full-time, I had no idea what was in store. I poured my heart into it 14 hours per day, 7 days per week, for months trying to create the best stream possible. Once I listened to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to slow down, take Sabbaths, and trust Him to grow the channel – boy, did He! The last six months have been an absolutely wild ride and I know that it’s just getting started. “It’s poppin’ off!” as the kids say.

But, I need help to keep it going. As you can imagine, there are a lot of costs associated with connecting with the online streaming and gaming community – and like any other traditional missionary, committing one’s life to serving and reaching a distinct people group full-time (or even part-time!) requires a huge commitment of time, energy, and resources. I believe with all my heart that God has called me to make this my full-time ministry (60 hours per week) and I have no other job.

Right now, my only sources of income are a small 3D Printing Biz that consistently generates a little bit of revenue and a few donors – but I’m nowhere near my goal of $5000 per month, and that means I’m living off savings. I know that there are some people out there who see what my Dream Team and I are doing, recognize the value and the presence of God in it, and want to partner with me to reach this very unique people group on the new frontier of global missions.

If you’ve felt that call, please become a monthly donor here: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=7XJFMCJKESBEG

And, if you can’t contribute financially, here are some other great ways to help:

  1. Be Part of My Offline Community: I need prayer support, loving accountability, supportive friends, encouraging notes, and folks who are as excited about online mission as I am sharing this ministry with others. This ministry won’t thrive and impact the world without a family of believers in my corner.
  2. Tell Your Network About Me: If you know a gamer, streamer, or online ministry that is already out there working and serving the gaming community, please let me know! We are few and far between and the more connections we can make to each other the greater our impact will be.
  3. Watch & Share the Streams: One of the easiest ways you can support the stream is simply to tune in when I’m live. Even if you don’t listen to the whole thing (called “Lurking”) Twitch counts you as a viewer and it helps my statistics and puts me higher up on the discovery page. If I can get 75 people watching concurrently – even if, for some, I’m just their background radio noise – I can reach “Partner“.

Thank you and God Bless,
Al (XtianNinja)