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Tag: Time Management

1st Corinthians 1

Stewarding Time: How to Combat Our Habits of Wasting and Worrying About Time

First, A Quick Request:   Here’s the poll (link fixed): Sermon Audio: Sermon Text: Review Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about the wise and godly use of all the good gifts that God has given us in our lives, which usually, in the Christian church, is called “stewardship”. The jumping off point of our study was […]

Discipleship 2

To Those Who Are Consistently Late For Church

Ok, I’ll admit that this may come across a little rant-ish, but I want to give a message to those who are Consistently Late for Church.  You may want to print this one and pass it around. (First obvious question: “Are you talking about a certain person/family?”, the answer is “No. This problem is quite broad spread.” Second obvious question: “Does […]