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Carnivore Theology

Our Favourite Podcasts & Blogs (Carnivore Theology: Episode 6)

Here is the Sixth episode of a new podcast series called “Carnivore Theology“. Click here to subscribe. Our Favourite Podcasts & Blogs The CT guys discuss their favorite websites, podcasts, blogs and resources. Here’s the Podcast Audio: Click here to download the episode in MP3. And here’s the link to the Behind the Scenes YouTube video. Here’s the Links We Promised […]


My Favourite Christian Living Blogs

  Continued from yesterday: These are, without a doubt, the blogs that have most helped and challenged me to become a deeper person. I’m in awe of the men and women who contribute to these blogs and thankful to God for their insights and passion for growing people in the Christian faith. Remember that on any given webpage you will […]



Discernment When my daughter Eowyn was very little, she took it upon herself to simplift the alphabet.  She’s replaced all the C’s, G’s, and K’s with the letter D.  It was cute, (and if it caught on, would have made spelling a lot easier) but it made her difficult to understand at times. “Daddy, dan I have some dum or dandy […]