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Tag: Repentance


When Jesus God Speaks (Gospel of John Series)

I think it’s appropriate that we start off the Christmas season with the very beginning of the Gospel of John today. We’ve been working on “context and structure” for about a month now and I feel like we could keep talking about it for another few weeks. The structure of John is absolutely fascinating! But we need to get into […]

Heidelberg Catechism

The Gift of the Holy Spirit (HC:LD18b)

Turn with me to Luke 24:50-53 and then we’ll be headed into Acts 1. Luke and Acts are actually two parts of the same work, both written in about 60-70AD by Luke, a gentile, Christian doctor who travelled with the Apostle Paul and was commissioned by someone named Theophilus to write a history of the life of Jesus and the […]

Heidelberg Catechism

Man’s Guilt (HC: LD3)

Audio: Text: We’re on Week 3 of our way through the Heidelberg Catechism. If you recall, the catechism is divided up into three sections: The first part speaking of the problem of sin that has separated us from God, the second how Jesus delivered us from that sin, and the third how our lives change as a result of this […]

Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Prayer: Against Sin

It is a good day when you give us a glimpse into ourselves Sin is our greatest evil, but you are our greatest good Each of us has cause to loathe ourselves, to not seek self-honour, because when we look at ourselves, by ourselves, we realize that we are glorying in rubbish. Our country, our families, our church are worse […]

Sermon 1

Intentional Discipleship: From Repentance to Commitment

(Here’s the link to the Sermon Video)   We’ve been working long and hard to be able to get to the practical aspects of the Four Core Christian Disciplines: Prayer, Bible Study, Church Attendance and Serving Others – and we’re close, but we’re not there yet. Don’t Be An Ephesian I agree that we need to talk about the “how-tos”, but […]