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Tag: Psalm 51

Sermon 1

Intentional Discipleship: From Repentance to Commitment

(Here’s the link to the Sermon Video)   We’ve been working long and hard to be able to get to the practical aspects of the Four Core Christian Disciplines: Prayer, Bible Study, Church Attendance and Serving Others – and we’re close, but we’re not there yet. Don’t Be An Ephesian I agree that we need to talk about the “how-tos”, but […]

Sermon 6

Intentional Discipleship: Preparing Our Heart with Psalm 51

(For a video of this sermon click here.) My intention when I started writing this sermon was to give some very practical steps on how to do the Four Core Christian Disciplines (Prayer, Bible Study, Church Attendance & Serving Others — first introduced here) successfully, but then God reminded me that I had missed a step. I’ve covered the importance […]