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Carnivore Theology

Our Favourite Podcasts & Blogs (Carnivore Theology: Episode 6)

Here is the Sixth episode of a new podcast series called “Carnivore Theology“. Click here to subscribe. Our Favourite Podcasts & Blogs The CT guys discuss their favorite websites, podcasts, blogs and resources. Here’s the Podcast Audio: Click here to download the episode in MP3. And here’s the link to the Behind the Scenes YouTube video. Here’s the Links We Promised […]


Two Podcasts I NEVER Miss

I’m currently on a “staycation”. I was starting to feel tired and distracted, and I know what happens when I travel down that road too far, so I scheduled some time off. I’m not going anywhere, but I get to sleep in some, hang out with the family, and do some fun things around the house I didn’t have time […]