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Tag: Messiah

Heidelberg Catechism 1

Why Must We Suffer? (HC:LD15)

If you recall back to the last series of weeks in our study of the Heidelberg Catechism you’ll remember that we’ve been talking a lot about the question, “Who is Jesus?”. This part of the Heidelberg is going through the Apostles Creed and we are on the second section that speaks of what Christians believe about Jesus. It says, “I […]

Book Review 2

Review of “Messiah: Origin”

“Messiah: Origin” Matt Dorff, Mark Arey Zondervan (Read a sample here) Summary “Messiah: Origin” is the first “Graphic Novel” (not “Comic Book”) series that uses visuals and biblical language to tell the story of the life of Jesus Christ from John 1 (“In the beginning was the Word…”) and His birth to the inauguration of his ministry at his baptism […]