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Tag: John MacArthur

Heidelberg Catechism

The Nature of Christ (HD:LD6)

Audio: Text: I heard an ad on the radio for the Canadian Legion that started with something like, “Think of all the things you enjoy in life, like summer fun, going out with your family, kissing your kids goodnight. We can take these things for granted because a veteran didn’t. They fought so we could have the freedoms we enjoy […]

Book Review

Review of "Twelve Unlikely Heroes" by John MacArthur

This is my first official book review, so I would love some feedback. Twelve Unlikely Heroes How God Commissioned Unexpected People in the Bible and What He Wants to Do with You By John MacArthur Summary If there’s one the success of The Avengers movie taught us, it’s that we love heroes — and the bigger, the stronger, the flashier, the better! […]