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I’m not sure why I didn’t do this a long time ago, but I’ve finally gotten around to submitting my podcasts to pretty much every provider I can think of. So, if one of the reasons you couldn’t recommend “Of Interest” to folks was because they used a different system than yours, I’ve fixed that problem!

I’m also working on getting them back up on various video platforms too, but that takes a bit more time.

Thank you so much for all of your support and here’s all the links:

How to set up the Podcast:

Podcasts by Apple

Apple Podcasts (iTunes Connect):
1. Download the free “Podcasts” app.
2. Click the picture or use this link


Google Podcasts:
1. Download the free “Google Podcasts” App
2. Click the picture or use this Link


1. Download the free “Spotify” App
2. Click the picture or use this link


1. Download the free “Stitcher” App
2. Click the picture or use this link

On PC/Mac/Other:

If none of that works for you, just click this address ( and select your favourite way to listen.

Our Favourite Podcasts & Blogs (Carnivore Theology: Episode 6)

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Favourite Podcasts and Blogs

Here is the Sixth episode of a new podcast series called “Carnivore Theology“. Click here to subscribe.

Our Favourite Podcasts & Blogs

The CT guys discuss their favorite websites, podcasts, blogs and resources.

Here’s the Podcast Audio:

Click here to download the episode in MP3.

And here’s the link to the Behind the Scenes YouTube video.

Here’s the Links We Promised

Albert Mohler’s “The Briefing” (

Tim Challies (

Mortification of Spin (

Gospel E-Books (

Themelios (

iTunes U (

5 Minutes in Church History (

Audible Audio Books (

Conversational Koine (

Foretaste of Heaven (Women’s Blog) (

FliteTest (

Good Job, Brain (

Bonus: (Lots of free books and articles.) (Clever and smart commentary from a great OT Prof.)

As Always, We Want Your Feedback

Please give it a listen and then give let us know what you think in comments section below, by e-mailing me, commenting on our Facebook page, or on Twitter! It would be great if you’d rate us on iTunes too! We’d also really appreciate if you’d pass it around to your friends.