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Tag: Inspiration

Podcasts 1

What is a “Good Church”? (Part 3 – Inspired Worship)

We’re currently in the middle of a mini-series-within-a-series called “What is a Good Church?” – which is inside the “Burning Questions Series”. Now you know what happens when I give myself a few bumper-weeks in my sermon planning – we get series-within-series. I hope that isn’t confusing, because my intention is neither to confuse you nor bore you, but to […]

Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Prayer: Inspire Us to Worship

You are the life-giving God. Inspire us and give us the energy to call upon Your name, for our minds are not enough to understand, our thoughts are wayward and we are easily distracted. We love the world too much and within our heart is still the struggle with unbelief and doubt. It is only by Your Holy Spirit that […]