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Review of “Messiah: Origin”

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“Messiah: Origin”
Matt Dorff, Mark Arey

(Read a sample here)


“Messiah: Origin” is the first “Graphic Novel” (not “Comic Book”) series that uses visuals and biblical language to tell the story of the life of Jesus Christ from John 1 (“In the beginning was the Word…”) and His birth to the inauguration of his ministry at his baptism by John the Baptist.

A Word about Scripture in Media

Since the very beginning artists have been trying to capture the big stories of God’s people in various kinds of media. I’m a visual guy (in an increasingly visual age) and I’m a big fan of different kinds of media.  I appreciate the hard work and dedication these artists take in presenting their telling of the “old, old story”. The benefits of experiencing scripture in many forms (sculpture, paint on canvas, film, drama, dance, comic book, etc.) is that they can open our eyes to new interpretations and insights into familiar stories. Read the rest of this entry »