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Tag: False Teachers

Sermon 1

The Importance of Choosing the Right Teachers, Leaders & Friends (3rd John: Summer Shorts Series)

Fraternal Twins 2nd and 3rd John are like fraternal twins: similar, but different. They have similar language and concerns, but have their own uniqueness that makes them important for the church today. Those who were here last week remember that 2nd John primarily focused on how we should be treating missionaries and Bible teachers – that we need to be […]


Truth In Love – Loving People in a Biblical Way

Podcast Audio: Our church’s mission statement says that we “share the love of Jesus” two ways: “….through Biblical Teaching and loving relationships.”  The second part of that is easy to understand. We have a loving relationship with Jesus and that makes us prioritize having loving relationships with others. Agents of Truth But sometimes it doesn’t occur to us that another way […]