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In Defence of Mothers

Audio: Text: It’s my contention that in North America today, particularly in Ontario, the role of the parent is deeply undervalued. I could talk all day about the epidemic of absentee fathers, broken marriages, and the dismantling of the traditional family that is causing the foundations of our civilization to crumble – but I don’t really want to do […]

Carnivore Theology

The Abortion Episode – Part 1 (with’s Mike Schouten) (Carnivore Theology Ep. 63)

Abortion is a controversial, but incredibly important topic. Did you know that Canada is the only country in the western world without abortion legislation? This is the first of a two part series where we are talking with Mike Schouten, Campaign Director of who’s mission is to build a groundswell of support from across Canada for abortion legislation. *** Plus, […]