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Tag: Advent

Carnivore Theology

The Mystery of Christmas with Pastor Al (Carnivore Theology Special: Ep. 20)

The 20th episode of “Carnivore Theology”. Christmas Mystery During the Christmas season the CT guys are taking a little time to share some special Christmas memories and devotionals in these 5 minute episodes. This week Pastor Al shares the mysteries we find at Christmastime. Podcast Audio: Click here to download the episode MP3. As Always, We Want Your Feedback Please give it a listen and then give […]


Getaway: Jesus Kidnaps His Disciples

Podcast Audio: We’re back into the Gospel of Mark. So far in Chapter 6 we’ve talked a lot about what happens to people who are faithful about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. First we saw Jesus rejected and almost stoned to death in his hometown. Then as Jesus sends out the twelve to heal people, preach repentance, and announce […]


Waiting & Preparing

I shared this devotional at a Christmas Eve Service last night: Over the past month both our churches have been celebrating the season of Christmas by using Advent candles. They are a wonderful tool to remind us that the story of Christmas doesn’t just surround the baby in the manger, but encompasses the whole gospel. I’ve been preaching a sermon […]