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The Art of the Christian Ninja

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The first thing you should know is that this book is not a collection of blog posts or sermons that you will find on the website — it’s something completely different. The idea for this book came a long time before the website — and is the reason it’s named like it is.

I wrote this book as an introduction to personal, private discipleship. The name “The Art of The Christian Ninja” was birthed from an encounter I had with God after reading Matthew 6:1-4.

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven…. do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” 

He gave me new eyes to see this truth from a different angle and it spawned in my mind something that I couldn’t shake: the importance of the secret side of faith. There are lots of great devotional books and discipleship guides to help people live their faith out loud, but I wanted The Art of the Christian Ninja to be different. This book is meant to inspire believers to build their relationship with God in ways that no one else sees.


That’s why I wanted it to be more than just another “book”. That’s why I partnered with artist Martin Murtonen to create something unique. I wanted it to be a partnership between art and writing, a balance of black ink and white-space, a tying together of teaching and questions, meditation and practice, humour and study. It’s a journey, a meditation, a conversation, and a training ground to help believers become the Christian Ninjas God wants to help them to be. The art, humour and focused chapters are designed to inspire young readers and challenge seasoned believers to explore a part of their faith that they may not have considered before – the secret part.

It has been read by Christians of different maturity levels — from new believers to mature elders — and each said it helped them grow in different ways. I tried to avoid big words but never shied away from big concepts, in the hope of making it accessible to young believers and old. I’m also hoping that Christian teachers will use it as a jumping off point to get their students talking about how they serve and encounter God in different ways. (That’s why I’m working on releasing some presentation slides with extra discussion questions and study options.)

To get an idea of the topics covered, here are the chapter titles:

  • The Christian Ninja’s Source of Power: (The Art of Dependence)
  • Your Daily Exercises: (The Art of Devotions)
  • Hiding in Plain Sight: (The Art of Infiltration)
  • Staying Clean in a Dirty Place: (The Art of Purity)
  • Travelling Light: (The Art of Simplicity) 
  • An Agent of Light: (The Art of Sabotage)
  • Covert Operations: (The Art of Ghostly Giving)
  • The Christian Ninja at War Part I: (The Art of Combat)
  • The Christian Ninja at War Part II: (The Art of Assassination)

The Foundations: An Introduction to What a Christian Needs, Learns, and Does (Free Book!)

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Jesus, in John 10:10, says that He has come to give His followers an “abundant life.” His promise doesn’t mean a life filled with worldly riches that ultimately pass away, but true riches like joy, peace, purpose, character, adventure, and the knowledge that you are deeply loved. The joy that can be found in this abundant life is dependent upon your obedience to God and your willingness to submit to His will. It is my hope that this book will lead you towards greater worship, service, and knowledge and love of Him. If you have any questions or comments, you can get in touch with me here.

Here are the chapter titles so you can see what the book is about:

Part 1: The True Gospel
Spot The Difference
Sola Scriptura – Scripture Alone
Sola Gratia – Grace Alone
Sola Fide – Faith Alone
Sola Christus & Sola Deo Gloria – Christ Alone & The Glory of God Alone

Part 2: Growing At Church
What Makes a Christian a Christian?
What Makes a Church a Church?
Leaning on Your Leaders
Making Christian Friends
Making Love Your Priority

Part 3: Intentional Discipleship
First, A Warning
A Church You Can Brag About
Count the Cost
Building Endurance: Steps to Maturity

Part 4: Disciplines of the Heart
Preparing Your Heart With Psalm 51
From Repentance to Commitment

Part 5: The Four Core Christian Disciplines
Why to Study Your Bible
How to Study Your Bible
Church Attendance: Getting the Most Out of Sunday Service
Serving Others: Why Should I?
Serving Others: General Areas of Service
Serving Others: Spiritual Gifts

Letters from Jesus

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df34c3_1d379df88a89c9599efc42f5bc0d472e.jpg_srz_p_198_308_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Tag: Journey through the geography, history and spiritual life of the churches Jesus writes to in Revelation 2-3.

Description: Follow along as Pastor Allan carefully and passionately teaches through each letter, helping the reader to discover Jesus’ special love for the church and people in each location. Although these letters were delivered to specific churches almost two thousand years ago, it isn’t hard to draw very specific and helpful applications for today since each church struggles with a different aspect of faith and obedience which are pertinent to every generation of believers. Each chapter is full of scripture, illustrations, and applications that will help Christians grow stronger in their faith, no matter what level of maturity they are at. There’s something in this book for everyone. At the end of the book is a final, interactive chapter called “Jesus’ Letter to Me” where the reader is invited to take all they have learned and experienced and make a deeper commitment to Jesus.

Sermon Collections

I’ve decided to take some of my older sermon series’ and put them into e-book format. My hope is that they bless God’s church and bring Him glory.

How to Use: Weirdly, WordPress does not allow me to upload .mobi and .epub files so I’ve compressed them into a ZIP file. Download the ZIP file by clicking the book. The ZIP file contains the ePub, Kindle (mobi), and PDF versions of the book so you can use them on any kind of e-reader.

Caveat Emptor☺: Please note that these are the scripts I preached from on Sunday mornings and though I tried to fix a few things and update the footnotes they are 99.9% as they were first delivered.

James Operation Me Hebrews

Link List:

James – Operation Me (2008) ZIP  (Here’s the PDF if the ZIP doesn’t work)

Hebrews – Jesus is Greater Than (2008-2009) ZIP (Just PDF)