Follow: Summon Animal with Your Name
Sub: Stick Me in a Hole
GiftSub: Encase Me in Obsidian Box
Host: Spawn a Slime or Golem
Raid: Summon Horde of Zombies


1 Spawn pig with your name (1% chance to spawn charged creeper)
3 Play the creeper hiss sound
5 Give me random iron tool
10 Throw both items from my hand
12 Spawn 3 Sheep
15 Chickens!
20 Give me extreme speed and jump height
25 Give me 25 cooked beef
30 Spawn random group of ore at my feet
35 Spawn a tamed wolf
40 Make me blind and give me levitation for 5 seconds
45 Spawn wood below me
50 Give me a random OP item
55 Make all nearby mobs poop diamonds
60 Turn all nearby chickens into pigs
75 Cant jump for 30 seconds
80 Throw entire inventory on ground
90 Spawn zombie with a YEET stick
100 Delete the items in my hands
125 Chickens around me get struck by lightning
150 Turn all nearby creepers into chickens
175 YEET all NPCs to the sky
200 Kit me in full diamond gear (plz)
225 Turn all logs and planks around me into obsidian
250 Throw everything from my hotbar and spawn 3 creepers around me
275 Randomly teleport me 200 blocks away
300 Cage match with YEET Zombies
375 Pillar me to the sky
400 Summon 101 pigs
450 Delete my hotbar
500 Turn all nearby pigs into creepers
750 YEET me to the sky
1000 Set world spawn and current spawn to current location
1500 Delete ENTIRE inventory and surround me in lava
2000 Spawn 100 Charged Creepers around me
3000 Spawn not one, not two but THREE WITHERS


$1-5 Drop Anvil on My Head
$6 Shoot Me into the Sky
$7-9 Summon Ghast With your Name
$10 Enderman Army
$11-60 Kill Me Instantly