Follow: Summon Animal with Your Name
Sub: Build a Super-Fancy House!
GiftSub: Encase Me in Obsidian Box
Host: Spawn a Slime or Golem
Raid: Summon Horde of Zombies


1+ Spawn pig with your name (1% chance to spawn charged creeper)
3+ Play the creeper hiss sound
5+ Give me random iron tool
10+ Throw both items from my hand
12+ Spawn 3 Sheep
15+ Chickens!
20+ Give me extreme speed and jump height
25+ Give me 25 cooked beef
30+ Spawn random group of ore at my feet
35+ Spawn a tamed wolf
40+ Make me blind and give me levitation for 10 seconds
45+ Spawn wood below me
50+ Give me a random OP item
55+ Make all nearby mobs poop diamonds
60+ Turn all nearby chickens into pigs
75+ Cant jump for 30 seconds
80+ Throw entire inventory on ground
90+ Spawn zombie with a YEET stick
100+ Delete the items in my hands
125+ Chickens around me get struck by lightning
150+ Turn all nearby creepers into chickens
175+ YEET all NPCs to the sky
200+ Kit me in full diamond gear (plz)
225+ Turn logs and planks around me into obsidian
250+ Throw everything from my hotbar and spawn 3 creepers around me
275+ Randomly teleport me 200 blocks away
300+ Cage match with YEET Zombies
375+ Pillar me to the sky
400+ Summon 101 pigs
450+ Delete my hotbar
500+ Turn all nearby pigs into creepers
750+ YEET me to the sky
1500+ Delete ENTIRE inventory and surround me in lava
2000+ Spawn 100 Charged Creepers around me
3000+ Spawn not one, not two but THREE WITHERS


$1-5 Drop Anvil on My Head
$6 Shoot Me into the Sky
$7-9 Summon Ghast With your Name
$10 Enderman Army
$11-60 Kill Me Instantly

Channel Points:

Use Creeper, Ghast Scream, and Angry Piglin to summon them in-game!
(Limit 3 of each per user)