Let’s build a world-changing online community together.

Have you felt the call to use your God-given talents to serve the online community, but are daunted by the idea of streaming, video & sound editing, social media, and all the rest? What if you could do only the things you love, on a team, and still know you’re being used by God to change to lives online? The “Stream Dream Team” is a collection of volunteers who are passionately dedicated to using their God-given gifts and talents to equip, elevate and inspire each other while helping XtianNinja reach more people on this new frontier of global missions. It’s not only an amazing way to share God’s love but a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talents, network with other creators, grow your skills, get helpful feedback, work on the projects you want, on your own schedule, all while building friendships with passionate Christian Content Creators just like you!

We have a lot of different traditions and theological backgrounds represented on the channel, but since it’s important that we agree on the basics here are XtianNinja’s Basic Theological Beliefs.

What’s expected of a Stream Dream Team member? The only expectation is that you follow through on the jobs you take-on, within the timeline you set. For example, if you volunteer to make the YouTube Thumbnails for each video, then they need to be ready when the video is ready to upload. Or, if you’re on the Discord Community Love Squad, you’ll be expected to put energy into being an extra-active member – and should you want to plan a fun community event, just pick the date, tell the FamSquad, connect to the special SDT Discord group and ask for whatever help you need, and follow through on the event.

Which Dream Squad Role Fits You Best?

YouTube Video Editors

You love short-form video editing, have a goofy sense of humour, love memes, know who Sive is, and see value in grabbing segments in the stream that will help people and grow the channel’s discoverability.

The Job: Watch the stream, see something worth sharing (devo, interesting topic, blooper, funny segment, game highlight) in a 1-10 minute video, edit with your own flare, send to XtianNinja for an upload. The editing can be from the most basic (slap on the intro and outro, chop out distracting bits) or the full treatment with you including your own style, memes, effects, and whatever else makes it awesome.

Digital Artists

You love to draw and do desktop publishing, think posters and clever t-shirts are the highest form of communication, and have spent too many hours on DeviantArt to count. You love experimenting with design and want to be the one to set the next thumbnail trend (to finally get away from red circles and arrows!), and you know how to use digital media to attract attention and inspire people.

The Job: Creating and designing special edition merch, fan art, stream graphics, channel emotes, video thumbnails, promotional materials, etc — whatever gets you most excited! Most of the time, you’ll do it as inspiration strikes – but sometimes you’ll have the opportunity to put your unique stamp on special events and channel upgrades.

Public Relations & Networking

People call you Friendly McSchmoozeypants. You are outgoing, collaborative, and want to be the person helping Christians unite under a mutual cause. You believe in what XtianNinja OM is doing and want others to learn about it and get involved too.

The Job: Connect to other streamers & organizations to facilitate collaboration, special events, and mutual support. Part of the job is promoting and coming up with ideas on how to share XNOM with Christians, churches, and other ministries to raise awareness and financial donations.

Discord Community Love Squad

You love loving people. You know what it’s like to feel lonely and forgotten and it’s made you passionate about building an open, encouraging and meaningful online family – an online crash pad for broken people.

The Job: Spending dedicated time chatting with the FamSquad on the XtianNinja Discord, purposefully checking in with people individually, coming up with fun community events, and telling XtianNinja when someone needs special care so he can follow up with a more trained level of pastoral care.

(Yes, this is the best possible picture and exactly what I assume you look like.)

Trend Expert

You hear notification sounds in your dreams – and love it! You live on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, and sites most people don’t even know about. You know the value of (and dangers of) social media and follow all kinds of news – from world events to technology and gaming. Memes are the air you breath and would love to be the person to discover the ‘next big thing’ that goes viral online before it does.

The Job: You tell this old man what’s going on out there so we can create streams and content that engages with people’s interests and passions.

Personal Support Team

You believe in the power of prayer, have a deep sense of empathy, know that spiritual attacks are real, and want to make sure XtianNinja is taking care of himself. You respect boundaries and keep confidences, but are willing to push a bit out of love. You have your own encouragers and accountability partners taking care of you, and want to use your energies to do the same for me as you look out for my spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

The Job: Keep XN in your prayers, contact him regularly through texts to give encouragement and ask accountability questions, and are probably a channel mod.


You may not be particularly loquacious face to face, but behind a keyboard you are a master rhetorician whose every mot juste proves just how much mightier the pen is than the sword. You love words, know the plural of “passerby,” have a collection of thesauri, strong opinions on the Oxford comma, and will tell your grandchildren about the time you found a spelling error on the New York Times crossword puzzle.
Or, perhaps you aren’t particularly proficient grammarian, but you delight in turning imagery and ideas into stories that the world not only understands but feels so deeply it reshapes their very soul. For you, words are life.

The Job: Editing XtianNinja’s existing content (blog posts, podcasts, etc.) to be more professional, generating interesting ideas for stream, becoming a regular contributor to the Art of the Christian Ninja blog, researching current trends and helping XN create stream segments, and whatever else your creative heart can come up with to connect people to God and each other in a special way.

Clip Crew

You enjoy watching the stream but don’t have much time or talent for the creative stuff — but still want to help! You have an eye for things that are funny, poignant, memorable, and helpful, and recognize the importance of building a presence on non-Twitch, short-form sites like TikTok and Instagram to increase the channel’s discoverability.

The Job: Watch the streams and keep your finger on the “Clip” button in order to give XtianNinja and the SDT an easier time in finding good content to share elsewhere on the internet. You don’t need to do the editing or sharing – just the clipping! (It really does help a lot and having someone dedicated to it would be very valuable.)

Stream Dream Team Members

Scott (RansomOttawa)
Wordsmiths + Love Squad

“Scott’s just zis guy, you know?

Scott is a technical writer living in Ottawa, Canada. His interests include cooking, music, airport novels, and Minecraft.

Diana (DSW)
Personal Support

“You are no longer a victim, you are victorious!”

I’m a singer, songwriter, abuse advocate, former missionary, podcaster, chocoholic, I’m usually wearing purple, wife to a wonderful hubby of 11 years. I haven’t played video games since my Atari days lol.

Chad (Gebralter)
Personal Support + Love Squad

“I don’t know how to act my age. I’ve never been this age before!

Gamer, tech nerd, husband, father, and most importantly Christ follower. I love hanging out with others and encouraging them! I’m still figuring out exactly how God wants to use my gifts and talents, but I do know that this has been quite the ride for 26 years so far!

Maria (UkuleleWorship)

I believe God gave you exactly what you need to do what He asks of you – even if what He gave you is a ukulele.

Christian, wife, mother of grown boys. I read LOTR before it was cool, studied English Literature before finding programming. Yes, I actually lead worship with a ukulele in a real church, and No I don’t play Hawaiian style. I am a Singer, Songwriter, Encourager, Problem Solver, and Idea Person. I believe in Christ, and use the Oxford Comma.

Rebecca (Lydgate)

“Quiet strength with many faults.”

Wife, Mom, Scientist, Background person and uncomfortable in crowds.

Terry (DoublePixel42)

Don’t let worry, anger and stress drag you down. Take time to look for positive things every day. Life is already tough enough.

I am an older husband/father. I have 2 kids who are currently in school (12, 16). I have a full-time job and support the family. When I am not working for my job or for the family, I like to play some games on the computer. I am a Christian and a young-earth creationist.