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Sharing Our Faith Can be Scary (Kid’s Sermon)

We just had Halloween a couple weeks ago, and of course that strange season is one where people talk about scary things like ghosts and vampires and zombies. Who here went trick-or-treating? Did you see anything scary? Well, I went digging around on the internet to learn about some different things that people are afraid of. So what I’m going […]


The Soul Killer (Youth Camp Talk)

Last night we talked about living like an animal and living like a human being – and how the difference comes when we see ourselves as a special creation of God, worthy of dignity and respect, and someone loved so much that Jesus was willing to die for you. Accepting that gift of salvation is an invitation to God to […]


You Are Not An Animal! (Youth Camp Talk)

The Elephant Man Have you ever heard of the movie The Elephant Man? It’s a pretty famous movie from 1980 – which I know is a long time ago, but bear with me. It won lots of awards and was quite popular at the time. It’s based on the true story of man who lived in the 1800’s, named John […]