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Scandalous Mentors, Celebrating Hell, & Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Worship

This week, I talk about mentors and character, share an interesting article about how we can apply the doctrine of hell to our lives, an interesting resource for hearing some new music, and then we’ll be continuing our interesting study of John Bunyan’s classic, Pilgrims Progress by exploring how Bunyan’s suffering affected his love for his church. Interesting Links: Ravi: […]

Special Feature

CT 100th Episode Merch Sale!

We’re SUPER EXCITED to announce the Carnivore Theology 100th Episode Store! Shirts, sweaters, totes, and mugs of all shapes, sizes and colours! Check it out!!! We’re only doing a short, 21 day run on these, so order soon (ends Oct 16, 2017)! Here’s the Link (Not sure why it says it’s ended because it doesn’t end until Oct 16, 2017):  

1st Corinthians 1

Sin: No Big Deal?

Audio: Text: We’ve been slowly working our way through 1st Corinthians and after a Christmas break and the January series on depression, it’s time to get back into our study by turning to 1st Corinthians 5. “It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that is not tolerated even among pagans, for a […]

Carnivore Theology

How to Confront a Sinning Friend (Carnivore Theology: Ep. 59)

Our “live and let live”/”everyone has their own truth” culture isn’t very good at calling out or confronting sin, but scripture is clear that Christians are supposed to be holding one another accountable to God’s Word. So, what should a believer do when we see a friend caught in sin? Podcast Audio: Behind the Scenes Video: How Can You Help Carnivore Theology? […]

Carnivore Theology

Carnivore Theology Special Announcment

Here’s a special announcement about what’s taking us so long to get to our first episode of 2016! Podcast Audio: Behind the Scenes Video: How Can You Help Carnivore Theology? 1. Pray for us! 2. Ask us a question in your voice on our SpeakPipe page! 3. Comment on our Facebook page, Twitter, and iTunes! 4. Share with your friends. Sharing is caring! 5. […]