Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Prayer: Against Sin

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It is a good day when you give us a glimpse into ourselves

Sin is our greatest evil, but you are our greatest good

Each of us has cause to loathe ourselves,

to not seek self-honour,

because when we look at ourselves,

by ourselves,

we realize that we are glorying in rubbish.

Our country,

our families,

our church

are worse because of our sins

– let us never have the false belief that our sins are small,

or that you are not angry with our sin.

Let us not take other good men,

families or churches as our examples,

holding them up as our idols,

and think that we are somehow good because we are like them

or better than them.

What pride!

No man is as good as you want them to be.

None of us are consistent.

None follow rightly in the ways of your holiness

or feel as they should when they are afflicted.

God, help us know when something is evil

when we are tempted to think it is right and good.

Help us to know, that when something is lawful according to the government,

that it is still wrong when it comes from evil purpose –

like a desire for reputation, for wealth, for worldly things.

Guve us grace to recall our needs.

Help us to know your will in scripture.

We need wisdom to guide others,

and daily repentance

which we so often neglect.

We need to have the spirit of prayer.

Keep us from having words without love.

Give us zeal for your glory,

never seeking our own ends.

Give us joy in you

and your will,

and a deep love for others.

You have an abundant fountain of grace.

Help us to not come up short of our need and desire for it.

Help us to touch the eternal spring.

Help us draw your life giving water from above.

In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

(Inspired by “Self Knowledge” from Pg 122 of “The Valley of Vision”)

Pastoral Prayer: Inspire Us to Worship

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You are the life-giving God.

Inspire us

and give us the energy to call upon Your name,

for our minds are not enough to understand,

our thoughts are wayward

and we are easily distracted.

We love the world too much

and within our heart is still the struggle with unbelief and doubt.

It is only by Your Holy Spirit that our many weaknesses

can become strengths.

We approach You as our Father

and our Friend.

You are our portion forever,

the person from whom we get exceeding joy,

and from You comes the strength of our hearts.

We believe in You as the God of nature,

the God of all things,

the great Creator,

the one who set everything in motion,

the one who sustains the universe,

the one who controls providence,

and the one who sent Jesus to be our Saviour from Sin.

Inside each one of us today is a voice that makes us feel too guilty to come before You,

too fearful

or too proud

to call upon Your name

– but today we choose to praise You

because of the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

that we are able to be reconciled to You

because of Him.

May the truth that is in Him

illuminate in us all that is dark,

firmly establish in us all that is wavering,

still within us all of the storms of our hearts,

accomplish in us and through us all of the good plans that You have set before us,

and glorify in us the name of Jesus Christ.

Some of us are passing through a vale of tears,

through a difficult, almost impossible time

– but we choose to thank You

and bless You

for opening the gate to glory at the end of it.

Help us to realise that in You is something better than what we see before us,

help us keep heaven and eternity with You ever in our mind.

Prepare us for the journey You still have for us to walk.

Uphold our steps by Your word.

Keep us from any sin that would dominate us.

Teach us that if we put ourselves first,

then we are not walking towards Jesus.

Teach us that if we are trying to save ourselves,

then he cannot be our Redeemer.

Help us see the kinds of idols we are setting in our hearts

so we may have a better relationship with You.

Give us a strong faith that accepts Jesus as our Redemer

and Lord and our God over all.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

(Inspired by “Truth in Jesus” from “The Valley of Vision“)


Pastoral Prayer: God’s Anger at Sin

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“Lord, you have been out dwelling place throughout all generations.

Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the earth and the world,

from everlasting to everlasting,

you are God.” (Psalm 90:1-2)

Life and death are in your hands, Lord.

Thank you for your long-suffering patience,

because we know that when you become angry, people are consumed and terrified. Read the rest of this entry »

Pastoral Prayer: God is Better

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How lovely is the place where you dwell, O Lord Almighty.

Wherever you are, we want to be.

Our souls, from the very depths of our beings, yearn for you.

We have no strength without you.

We want to be in your presence and among your people.

Our hearts cry out.

Our flesh cries out. Read the rest of this entry »

Pastoral Prayer: Revival

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Hear us, O Shepherd, You who lead your people like a flock.

You who sit enthroned between the cherubim, shine forth!

Let your light shine in the darkest of places and before all who prefer the darkness.

          Awaken your might; and come and save us.

Restore us, O God;

make your face shine upon us that we may be saved!

We long in the depths of our being to see your light.

          O Lord God Almighty,

it seems like you are angry with your people,

and that you are not listening to our prayers.

In our congregation today are those whom you have fed,

but their bread has been tears.

When we are broken hearted, we are supposed to come to you,

and you make us drink our tears by the bowlful.

          You have made us a source of contention to our neighbours.

People talk behind our backs saying that You are weak,

your people are fools,

your church is broken,

your salvation is a lie,

and to give ourselves to you is to prove our folly.

Atheists mock us.

Other religions mock us.

Our non-believing family members and friends mock us.

          We want to be restored, O God Almighty!

We want to have your face shine upon us!

We want to reflect your light and your glory for all to see!

We want to be saved!

          In the Bible you tell us that you are the vine and we are the branches.

You chose us to be a part of your vine.

You chose us.

You are the one who cleared the ground so we could be planted.

You are the one who gave us roots.

You are the one who has spread your church all around the world.

You have planted your people all over the world,

from the highest places to the lowest,

from the most powerful to the weakest,

you have sent shoots out all around.

          And so we ask you,

why does it seem that our church, the churches around us, and all over Canada and the United States,

are under siege and without a wall to protect us?

Why do we see the faith of ministers

and families

and marriages

and children

falling away.

We’re being picked off like a person picks grapes off of a vine!

Boars from the forest are ravaging your church,

we are left for dead,

and the vultures pick at us.

          Our deepest prayer is that you return to us, O God Almighty!

Look down from heaven and see what is going on!

Watch over your vine, nourish the roots that you have planted.

Care for the adopted children that you have brought to yourself.

          We feel cut down.

We feel weak.

We feel the flames.

We feel your rebuke,

the guilt of sin,

the knowledge of our own rebellion,

and we know that we are perishing

because of our disobedience.

          We ask you to remember us, Jesus our Lord.

We come humbly before the Son who sits at the right hand of the Father,

the Son of Man who was born of a virgin

and who died for us

and was raise up by God Himself!

Remember You chose us.

Remember that we are Your people

and make intercession for us before the Father.

          We commit ourselves once again by saying that we will not turn away from you.

If you revive us…

as individuals,

as families,

as a church,

as a town,

as a city,

as a province,

as a nation…

then we will call upon your name and give you glory and praise.

          Restore us, O Lord God Almighty;

make your face shine upon us, that we may be saved!

(Adapted from Psalm 80)