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The Carnivore Theology was a big part of my life for four years but it’s recently been put on hiatus. We covered everything from Aliens to Anger to Homosexuality to Harry Potter, so I still think you’ll find them interesting, informative, and relevant. The official webpage is still up for now, but here’s a list of the episodes we did over 4 years:

Season 4:

Episode 99: Summer News Review (Part A)   (Part B)

Episode 100A: 100th Episode Celebration!

Episode 100B: Fads – Fun or Foolish?

Episode 101A: The Pleasure and Peril of Word Studies

Episode 101B: Let’s Do a Word Study!

Episode 102A: Miracles, Healings, and Bethel Redding

Episode 102B: Miracles, Healings, and The Gospel

Episode 102C: Miracles, Healings, and Experiences

Episode 103A: Where was God in Sutherland Springs?

Episode 103B: Gun Contro and What Really Caused the Sutherland Tragedy

Episode 103C: #ThoughtsAndPrayers

Episode 104: Advent Sermon: Jesus as Tabernacle (by Pastor Al)

Episode 105: Advent Devo: Jesus the King (by Steve)

Episode 106: The FINAL Episode


Season 3:

Episode 98: CT:LIVE Season 3 Finale Q&A

Episode 97: Life, Balance & Hobbies

Episode 96: Why There are So Many Different Bibles

Episode 95: What do Do When a Christian Friend Talks About Divorce

Episode 94: Check Out Our Shorts

Episode 93: Resources for Every Stage of the Christian Life

Episode 92: Pastor Al’s New Book (It’s FREE!)

Episode 91: Hi, I’m Not Sarah McLachlan

Episode 90: What is The Gospel Coalition Canada? 

Episode 89: M103: Virtue Signalling or the End of Freedom?

Episode 88: Teaching Theology to Kids


Episode 86: What R U Reading Lately #4

Episode 85: Depression: What it is and How to Respond

Episode 84: Joy – A Depression Reflection on Advent Joy

Episode 83: Love – An Advent Reflection from Chad

Episode 82: Hope – A Christmas Reflection from Steve

Episode 81: Why Canada Needs ARPA (Special Guest: Andre Schutten of the Association for Reformed Political Action) 

Episode 80: Help! I’m Married to A Non-Christian!

Episode 79: Should I Date an Unbeliever?

Episode 78: What You Don’t Know About Operation Christmas Child

Episode 77: What’s Wrong With Weed?

Episode 76: Pastor Al’s Testimony

Episode 75: Our Testimonies (Part 1)

Episode 74: How to Give a Christian Testimony

Episode 73: 5 Reminders for Students

Episode 72: Listener Questions!

Episode 71: How to Pray Better


Season 2:

Episode 43: The Anniversary Episode

Episode 44: Responding to Buzzfeed’s “I’m Christian, But I’m Not…” Viral Video

Episode 45: The END OF THE WORLD 

Episode 46: Christians & Politics (with Former MP Reed Elley)

Episode 47: Christians & Politics Part 2 (with Former MP Reed Elley)

Episode 48: Mass Shootings & Martyrdom

Episode 49: Is Halloween Evil?

Episode 50: What to do with Celebrity Pastors

Episode 51: Is Harry Potter Good or Evil?

Episode 52: What is a “Good Church”?

Episode 53: Airplanes & Indestructible Radios (with GALCOM’s Tim Whitehead)

Episode 54: Are Muslim Refugees our Neighbours? (Loving our Enemies in a Complicated World)

Episode 55: Let’s talk STAR WARS!

Episode 56: A Short Carnivore Christmas Devo with Chad

Episode 57: A Short Carnivore Christmas Devo with Al

Episode 58: A Short Carnivore Christmas Devo with Steve

Episode 59: How to Confront a Sinning Friend

Episode 60: Listener Q&A from the Mailbag

Episode 61: Books: What R U Reading L8ly #3

Episode 62: How to Have a Quiet Time: Doing Devos Discussed

Episode 63: The Abortion Episode – Part 1 (with Mike Shouten of We Need a Law.ca)

Episode 64: The Abortion Episode – Part 2 (with Mike Shouten of We Need a Law.ca)

Episode 65: What About the Jews?

Episode 66: Women and the Church (with Blogger Christel Humfrey of Foretaste of Heaven)

Episode 67: Aliens & Ghosts

Episode 68: Should I Become a Church Member?

Episode 69: All About Baptism

Episode 70: Listener Questions: Prayer Handkerchiefs, Bacon & Guns

Mini-Episode 71: SEASON 2 NEWS UPDATE


Season 1:

Unofficial Episode 1: Should Christians Play Video Games?

Episode 2: What Movie Rating Should Christians Watch?

Episode 3: The Porn Episode

Episode 4: Politics and Pastafarianism

Episode 5: Slacktivism, Charity and Ethics

Episode 6: Our Favourite Podcasts and Blogs

Episode 7: Tattoos and Body Modification

Episode 8: Mega vs Micro Churches

Episode 9: Can Art go Too Far? 

Episode 10: What Makes Good Worship Music?

Episode 11: A Christian Response to Terrorism

Episode 12: Best Books

Episode 13: Inside the Mind of a Worship Leader (Feat. Russ Smith of Hokus Pick)

Episode 14: The Alcohol Episode

Episode 15: Christianity, Evolution & The Pope

Episode 16: Anger & Arguing

Episode 17: Competition and Sports (Chad v Al Hot-Dog Contest!)

Episode 18: How Should Christians Respond to “Seasons Greetings”?

Special Episode 19: The Joy of Christmas with Pastor Chad

Special Episode 20: The Mystery of Christmas with Pastor Al

Special Episode 21: The Hope of Christmas with Steve

Super-Sized Episode 22: The LGBT Episode

Episode 23: How Important are Bible Schools, Seminaries and Other Forms of Formal Theological Education?

Episode 24: The Prosperity Gospel

Episode 25: What Clothes Should a Pastor Wear? (T-Shirts & Contest too!)

Episode 26: 50 Shades of Evil: What’s So Bad About “Fifty Shades of Grey”?

Episode 27: Euthanasia

Episode 28: Do Pets go to Heaven? (and other animal related questions)

Episode 29: Can We Trust the Bible?

Episode 30: Navigating Social Media

Episode 31: Why Should Believers Today Care About the Psalms? (Feat. Special Guest Wyatt Graham!)

Episode 32: Why are There So Many Christian Denominations?

Episode 33: Christians and the False Gospel of Environmentalism

Episode 34: What R U Reading L8ly & Coffee in Church (and we Promo Al’s New Book!)

Episode 35: Civic Prayer

Episode 36: The Racism Episode

Episode 37: Psychics, Ouija Boards, Astrology & Magic 

Episode 38: Are Christians Allowed to have Fun? (Entertainment and Christian Hedonism)

Episode 39: The Homeschooling Episode (pt 1) (Feat. Special Guest Familyman, Todd Wilson!)

Episode 40: How the Will of God Works (The GotQuestions.org Episode)

Episode 41: The Homeschooling Episode (pt 2) – Why do People Homeschool?

Episode 42: Finding Happiness in a Sinful World