Fellowship 3

Gossip Defined

Gossip is… uh… Last night at small group study we had a surprising discovery. Everyone around the table was absolutely agreed that gossip is a bad thing, and that we should confront it, but when I asked the group to define gossip, we couldn’t do it. We danced around a lot of ideas like “malicious talk”, “things that are none […]

Devotional 1

Jesus, Cold & Wet

I don’t know why this never occurred to me before, but it wasn’t always hot and sunny while Jesus walked the earth. Maybe I’ve seen too many pictures of Jesus standing in a sunbeam or walking along a desert road, but it never really crossed my mind that Jesus would have been cold. I tried to find a picture online of Jesus […]

Special Feature 1

Going Dark

I went dark recently — in a bunch of ways. I bought some dark coffee — Starbucks Christmas Blend (super yummy!) and Muskoka Roastery’s Black Bear (which is so dark it’s like drinking ink… delicious, delicious, ink. It even seems to argue with the milk saying, “No, we won’t be turning mocha-coloured today. We’re shooting for a dark-grey.”) I went through a dark […]


Recent Highlights on the Blog

Recent Highlights Why I am Reformed https://calltoprayerministries.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/why-i-am-reformed/ Review of “Twelve Unlikely Heroes” by John Macarthur https://calltoprayerministries.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/review-of-twelve-unlikely-heroes-by-john-macarthur/ *Own your “Why?” – A Christian Response to Halloween http://calltoprayerministries.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/own-your-why-a-christians-response-to-halloween/ ** Grafting Dead Branches on a Fruit Salad Tree http://calltoprayerministries.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/grafting-dead-branches-on-a-fruit-salad-tree/ * This is my most most read recent article. ** This is my most read article — ever!

Discipleship 4

Why I am Reformed

The above video spurred me to write this entry. It touched me deeply and reminded me of who God is creating me to be, where I have come from, and why I do what I do the way I do it. It is beautifully shot, and powerfully narrated by John Calvin. I encourage you to dim the lights, turn on […]

Book Review

Review of "Twelve Unlikely Heroes" by John MacArthur

This is my first official book review, so I would love some feedback. Twelve Unlikely Heroes How God Commissioned Unexpected People in the Bible and What He Wants to Do with You By John MacArthur Summary If there’s one the success of The Avengers movie taught us, it’s that we love heroes — and the bigger, the stronger, the flashier, the better! […]


Unity – A Powerful Witness

Last Friday I had a post called “We All Need A Good Church” where I talked about the importance of being around other believers. I mentioned in the introduction that I was going to be sharing a sermon I preached on a related topic – unity in the church. Here’s the link:  “Unity – A Powerful Witness”  

Discipleship 1

Giving & Receiving Criticism

“You can please some of the people, some of the time”, they say. I would add, “and some of the people who aren’t pleased have no problems telling you why.” Criticism is something we all have to deal with, isn’t it? None of us are perfect, and yet it surprises people when someone makes a mistake. As a pastor I […]

Discipleship 1

We All Need A Good Church

I just paused my sermon prep for a moment so I could post this to the blog. I’m currently writing a sermon on The Powerful Witness of Unity in the Church and remembered that I had written in a Facebook Post earlier in the week. The two didn’t really connect in my mind until now, so I want to share […]

Special Feature

I'm Now an Official Book Blogger!

Even though blogging has its downsides (carpal tunnel and trucker butt), there are some pretty great benefits to being a blogger. Check these out: 1. All the coffee I make I get to drink… after I offer my wife a cup. 2. A chair that goes up, down, round and round, and also reclines! 3. Having a forum by which I […]

Devotional 3

Grafting Dead Branches on a Fruit Salad Tree

I started today confused. How can God love mankind while at the same time have complete hatred for sinners? Aren’t they the same people? And how does ordain the use of sinful people and sinful situations to accomplish His perfect, holy will without He Himself being the cause of the sin. The first place my devotional reading too me was […]

Discipleship 3

Jehovah's Witnesses

During the “Ask The Pastor” meetings on Wednesday nights at the church I serve, many questions come up that I don’t have the time or equipment to be able to give a full answer to. I believe there are many who have similar concerns and questions, so for a little while I’m going to use this forum to share a […]