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Pastor Allan Descheneau (M.Div, BRCM, CBS)

“Follower of Jesus, Husband, Father, Disciple, Preacher, Teacher, Writer, Photo-nut, Music-lover, Avid-experimenter, Creative-mess-maker, Tech & Social Media Nerd”

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My Philosophy of Ministry and Doctrinal Statement

My Testimony

I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Jesus as my personal saviour during a Ralph Bell crusade when I was 11 years old. I grew closer to Jesus from then on, but had a time of rebellion during my first post-secondary year – nothing serious, but enough to make me re-evaluate my life and priorities.

The next year, God led me to North American Bible College in Edmonton to “figure things out”. It was there that I rededicated my life to serving Him and His church. I met my wife, Anita, and God called me into full-time pastoral ministry. Since then I’ve been serving Jesus’ in whatever way I can. I preach, teach, write, lead, serve, blog, sing, play guitar, take pictures and open myself for any opportunity to share the love of Jesus in creative ways because He is the reason I live.

I currently serve in the Ottawa area as pastor of Beckwith Baptist Church. I’ve been married to Anita since ’97 and have four children. Some of my other interests include reading, movies with explosions, playing guitar and bass, slow-pitch, racquetball, new technology, and Oiler hockey.

I am accredited with the North American Baptist Conference, Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec and conditionally accredited with the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

Spiritual Gifts:

  • Teaching, Knowledge, Prophecy, Helps/Service, Pastor


  • Masters of Divinity (General) – Taylor Seminary, Edmonton AB – 2004
  • Bachelor of Religion: Christian Ministries – North American Baptist College – Edmonton AB – 2000
  • Certificate of Biblical Studies – North American Baptist College – Edmonton AB – 1997



Book Cover OnlyArt of the Christian Ninja:A Guide to Infiltration, Combat, and Assassination the Jesus Way

There are lots of great devotional books and discipleship guides out there, but Art of the Christian Ninja is different. It’s more than a book – it’s a partnership between art and writing, a balance of black ink and white-space, a tying together of teaching and questions, meditation and practice, humour and study. It’s a journey, a meditation, a conversation, a long walk, and a training ground helping believers connect their faith and life and become the Christian Ninjas God wants to help them become.

df34c3_1d379df88a89c9599efc42f5bc0d472e.jpg_srz_p_198_308_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Letters from Jesus: A Study of the Seven Churches of Revelation

My first book won an “Award of Merit” for The Word Guild’s 2009 Canadian Christian Writing Awards. It is a journey through the geography, history and spiritual life of the cities and churches Jesus writes to in Revelation 2-3. Well organized easy to understand for all levels of Christian maturity, it draws helpful applications pertinent to every generation of believers.

Seven Magazine (www.promisekeepers.ca/seven/)

A while back I had the privilage of writing some articles for this Canadian Christian Men’s Magazine.


df34c3_1f3d9055955743f47e257bc56ac9854d.png_srz_p_130_146_75_22_0.50_1.20_0The Finger Licken Cosmic Chicken

I shouldn’t even put this here, but I’m just so darned proud of it! Instead of paying attention in Sociology class in college I made a goofy comic based on the dual personalities of my friend Steve. One side was our brave, intense, and ultimately nuts hero, the Finger Licken Cosmic Chicken. The other was his little buddy the cute, strange, and obliviously optimistic, Cute Little Captain Cuddly. My kids love it, but it is extremely weird. Caveat lector.

Click Here to download the FLCC Comic in PDF


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