@Ex-Fundie Diaries released a video outlining how the AWANA Clubs program isn’t just a fun church group, but a nefarious “Christian Nationalist Child Indoctrination Cult”. Is she right? What defines a cult? What’s up with all the weird stuff that goes on at AWANA anyway? XtianNinja, a pastor and former AWANA leader (and clubber) walks through her video step-by-step explaining, refuting, and clarifying what’s actually going on.
*I left it as a very sparsely edited VOD so that folks could track what I’m saying and (hopefully) recognize it comes from a place of love.

Podcast Version: https://anchor.fm/xtianninja/episodes/Is-AWANA-a-Christian-Nationalist-Child-Indoctrination-Cult–Video-Reaction-e1jb5le

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