One of the most difficult parts of being a “pioneer missionary” is getting support through traditional channels. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “We recognize your call, love what you’re doing, and want to support you – but we have nowhere to officially plug you in. Sorry!”

So, it occurs to me that many of you might not know the benefits you would get from taking the leap to support me. (It’s more than stickers and shirts!)

Here are some:

  • Exclusive, personal ministry updates with stories I can’t share on a public blog.
  • Advertising your ministries and business on my socials.
  • One-on-one chats (for counselling, teaching, Q&A, or to help to start your own online ministry)!
  • Personalized, creative videos just for you! (Like announcements or reacting to your church’s video!)
  • And, yes, a fancy t-shirt and sticker designed by RazzyRu herself!

It would be awesome if you would head over to my Patreon page, check out the incentives, read/watch my new vision page, and then hit me up with any questions or comments you might have.

And, please consider telling your friends, churches, denominations, and other folks about what I’m up to here. It’s hard to get support through “official channels” because what I’m doing is so far out on the frontier, so word of mouth is suuuper important.

God bless,