I’ve been working so hard on making new and better content lately that I’ve been completely forgetting to post all of my videos to my blog! I’m so sorry to all of the subscribers who have been missing out on my latest videos and I will try to do better. Here’s a list of the latest videos for you! Some devotionals, some funny clips, and some gaming videos. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel to get the latest videos right away!

If God is love, how can he be wrathful? How can wrath be good? Should you be scared of God?
Why Does the Nether Hate Me? Crafting the Lava X On CreatorCraft (Feat. ScarletFox!)
When it all came flooding back because of a chicken burger…
My Axolotl Tried to Fly!?! (CreatorCraft Day 1 *ish*)
Worst Gifts OF ALL TIME! (Theseus Collab!)
Broken by Pain and Worry? Lost in the Dark? Do you Feel That Nothing Good Can Ever Happen Again?
Streamer breaks down playing Blue Fire – That One Jump! Fail Compilation