Watch this video to get a brief overview of some of the amazing things that are happening through XtianNinja Online Missions right now!

“When I came across XtianNinja’s channel on Twitch, I recognized he had a goal that was more than simply streaming and playing games. As I continued watching his streams, I saw how happy he was (and is) to be a true friend and reach out to those who may be hurting, whether they’re comfortable opening up or staying silent, all while having lots of fun with the community. XtianNinja is willing to make himself vulnerable and shares about his own struggles with the intent of lifting someone else up, and I find that highly admirable. He has been a great example to me for reaching out to others while still having a good time. I entered the XtianNinja community with open arms to welcome me, and I know his arms are wide open for anyone else looking for a safe place, a strong place, or a place to simply hang out.” ~ RazzyRu

I’m Bursting With Excitement!

God is absolutely blowing my mind these days with all the things He’s doing through XtianNinja Online Missions. Honestly, my heart is exploding with excitement and thanksgiving, because every day I get to be at the forefront of this world-changing ministry. If you haven’t been following along with this journey, let me encourage you to check out my vision page first and then come back here.

Let me just give you a few examples of what’s happened over just the last few months.

XtianNinja Channel is Exploding

I usually share a lot of numbers during my podcast updates, so I won’t overwhelm you with them here. Instead, I’ll tell you how exciting it is that four times per week, for four hours straight, I get to lead devotionals, connect, teach, encourage, counsel, practice apologetics with, and present the gospel to around 20 people consistently, with more and more stopping by every day. It’s such a wonderful challenge to wake up every day, not knowing where the conversations will go or what questions will be asked, but knowing that the Spirit of God is leading each stream in a special direction to help and encourage more and more people. And then, to have those conversations continue for hours later on the private Discord server is such an incredible blessing!

What does a streaming week on the XtianNinja Twitch Channel Look like?

Mentor Mondays: Devotional, Prayer, Discussion (30mins-1hr) – Discovering Life’s Purpose Teaching & Chat (1hr) – Topical Question of the Day (30 mins) – Game (1hr-1.5hrs)
Talk-O Tuesdays: Devotional, Prayer, Discussion (30mins-1hr) – Mental Health & Counselling Chat (1hr) – QOTD: (Eg. “What’s Bothering You?”) (30 mins-1hr) – Game (1hr-1.5hrs)
Weird Wednesdays: Devotional, Prayer, Discussion (30mins-1hr) – Silly Interent Stuff (1hr-1.5hrs) – QOTD (30 mins-1hr) – Game (1hr-1.5hrs)
Follower Appreciation Thursdays: Devotional, Prayer, Discussion (30mins-1hr) – Community Events (1hr-1.5hrs) – Game (1hr-1.5hrs)

Stream Dream Team

Another incredible blessing is the launch of my new “Stream Dream Team.” a collection of volunteers who are passionately dedicated to using their God-given gifts and talents to equip, elevate, and inspire each other while helping XtianNinja reach more people on this new frontier of global missions. I knew that with the ever-expanding vision God is giving me that I was going to need help, but I never thought there would be so much! I put together an incredibly ambitious list of roles, and once I launched the website it was only mere hours before most of them were filled!

I found the Covid pandemic very hard to deal with – the death of a parent, the lockdowns, working from home, the closure of my church and the restrictions still in place when it did reopen. All of this made it very difficult to reconnect and have fellowship with other Christians. I found it hard to concentrate and even something as simple as watching the TV was hard to focus on and it did not make up for the isolation. Around the time I first began to follow Xtianninja on Twitch, I was at a very low point and badly in need of fellowship and connections with like minded people. I found a community of people full of warmth, encouragement and people who loved Jesus. Xtianninja unwittingly spoke about a number of things over the first few weeks of me joining his stream which I so identified with. He explained the bible in a very down to earth way which was easy to relate to. Since joining the steam I feel as though I have woken up from a year long spiritual and mental slumber. ~ SisPineapple

Mentorship Program & Conference

Two huge, ongoing projects I’ve been working on for the past weeks are a Christian Content Creator Mentorship Program and a New Christian Streamer Conference – and they are both forming very quickly. The Mentorship Program already has a bunch of people interested in it, and I’ve already been teaching and leading discussions on “Life’s Purpose” on my Mentor Mondays streams. The next step is to move those discussions off-stream into a weekly leadership course – but I’m still working on that content.

The Streamer Conference already has confirmed speakers and a soft date, and there is a lot of buzz in the community about it. So much so that other, larger organizations have already contacted me about helping create their own versions.

Specialized Nerd / E-Sports Content for Churches

I was recently invited to partner with some ministry leaders to create a specialized training program to help churches (and Christian ministries in general) do a better job of reaching, evangelizing, and disciple-making the nerds, gamers, and geeks in their lives. It’s a specialized group with its own culture and language, and I’m excited to be part of a team that will be helping to bring this often neglected group closer to Jesus and His church.

I recently left my church because I got tired of feeling laughed at and doubted. I ran into XtianNinja on Etsy, where he printed me a cute little baby robot, and then let slip he was a pastor. A PASTOR who makes beautiful geek toys! And then I looked at his YouTube videos, and dude, it was somebody who spoke my language, who gamed and stunk at it, who gave God talks that didn’t pull punches, who geeked over weirdness. I’m nearly fifty years old, and I have very rarely found a community, even a Christian one, that I felt accepted in. ~ Tam_I_Am

I Need Your Help

When God called me to drop everything and start streaming full-time, I had no idea what was in store. I poured my heart into it 14 hours per day, 7 days per week, for months trying to create the best stream possible. Once I listened to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to slow down, take Sabbaths, and trust Him to grow the channel – boy, did He! The last six months have been an absolutely wild ride and I know that it’s just getting started. “It’s poppin’ off!” as the kids say.

But, I need help to keep it going. Right now, my only sources of income are a small 3D Printing Biz that consistently generates a little bit of revenue and a few donors – but I’m nowhere near my goal of $5000 per month, and that means I’m living off savings. I know that there are some people out there who see what my Dream Team and I are doing, recognize the value and the presence of God in it, and want to partner with me to reach this very unique people group on the new frontier of global missions.

If you’ve felt that call, I need your help today.

Please become a monthly donor here:

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Pastor Al (XtianNinja)