Hi there,
If you’re following along with the podcast then you already know that I’ve developed a passion for trying to reach out into the online gaming community. If that’s news to you, check out this episode. But, the short story is that I feel a real call to try to connect with people in the gaming community as a sort of “online missionary”. The goal isn’t to “game”, but to make friends and create an environment where I can have meaningful conversations with gamers and streamers.
And, since I’m trying something brand new tomorrow, I was wondering if you’d be willing to do my a huge favour that would help me out. All you need to do is tune into my livestream gaming chat night Tuesday at 7pm EST on Twitch (www.twitch.tv/xtianninja). I’d love it if you interacted and had some fun with us, of course, – but even if you just turn it on and have it in the background somewhere it really, really helps because Twitch ranks people by viewers, and even having a couple really boosts my stream up the list. And, if you want to go over and above, could you tell your friends? I’ve included a graphic above. It’s silly, but I like neon purple.

Please pray that God helps and uses this new idea.