We’re back down in the reading cave talking about what we’ve learned from some of the books we’ve been reading lately. Even if you’re not a reader, give this a listen because this is so much more than just a book talk!

Podcast Audio:

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The Booklist:

Tort Law: Cases & Materials, 4th Edition – Ernest J. Weinrib

Holiness (Abridged)– JC Ryle (Unabridged FREE Version)

The Spirit of Early Christian Thought: Seeking the Face of God – Robert Louis Wilken

The Christians as the Romans Saw Them – Robert Louis Wilken

Phantastes – George MacDonald

The Great Divorce – CS Lewis

Chronicles of Narnia – CS Lewis

Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolken

The Princess and the Goblin – George Macdonald

Commentaries on the Laws of England – William Blackstone

Church Membership – Jonathan Leeman

The Hour that Changes The World– Dick Eastman

If I Were God I’d End all the Pain  – John Dickson

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