The 27th episode of “Carnivore Theology”.

Physician Assisted Suicide

Years ago CBC aired a program called “Talking to Americans with Rick Mercer” where the host took a camera crew to the USA and told Americans outrageous things about Canada to see if they believed him. Laughing at the American ignorance of Canadian culture is almost a national pastime.
In one of the gags Rick Mercer asked Americans to sign a petition asking the government of Canada to stop placing senior citizen on northern ice flows to perish. Some people seemed horrified that Canada would allow such a thing.
Now, I’m not laughing anymore. In 2001 when “Talking to Americans” came out, the idea of sending seniors up north to die seemed so obscure it was hilarious. Now it hits so close to home it feels embarrassing.
The euthanasia movement is being sold to us as a “right” where people get to choose how and when they die. Where does living in a country with legal suicide and euthanasia take us?

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