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Here is our second unofficial episode of a new podcast series called “Carnivore Theology“.

What Movie Rating Should Christians Watch?

Everybody loves movies, but how can a Christian navigate through the hundreds of offerings Hollywood places before them every year? Should a Christian be concerned with movie ratings? What’s the max rating a Christian should watch? How can we determine what movies are best? And how do I deal with friends with different standards?

Here’s the Podcast Audio:

Stick around after the podcast is over for a special “easter-egg”!

And something fun we’re doing for each episode, here’s the link to the behind-the-scenes video.

Once again, We Need Your Feedback

Before we launch this thing, we agreed that it would be a good idea to send it out to our friends to see what they think. That’s why it’s “unofficial”. So please, give it a listen, and give us your feedback in the comments section below, by e-mailing me, or commenting on our Facebook page. We’re also on Twitter! We’d really appreciate it.

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