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O Lord of Grace,

this is the beginning of a new week and the whole world is before us this day.

As we look into it we realize that we are weak,

and fearful

and ill-equipped to handle all that we will face

– but we look to you for strength.

There have been some bad times this past week,

some tough things that have reminded us how small

and frail

and broken we are.

There have been times when we have ventured forth alone,

and we stumbled and fallen,

disobeyed you

and sinned against you.

But when we lean on the arms of the One who loves us so much,

we will stand firm.

We pray that you will help your people,

in these places facing such difficulty around the world,

to lean on you that they might stand firm.

Help us to depend on you.

Help the churches and ministers of this area depend on you.

When know that we leave the planning of our lives

— our days and weeks and ways we want to help —

to our own hearts, minds, wills and desires,

we will ultimately shame your name

and get it wrong

because we are ultimately only seeking ourselves.

Lord, enlighten us,

guide us,

uphold us by your Holy Spirit

so that we can bring you glory,

bring peace to others,

and the ministry of reconciliation,

here and now and in the coming days.

We look to you as the one who is all sufficient

and who gives good gifts to His children:

You are the strength by which we stand,

the light by which we see,

the path on which we may run,

the shield to protect us,

the sword to destroy our enemies,

the sun that wramsus.

When you enrich us, you lose nothing!

When you give, you still have everything.

In you is perfect fullness.

You have proven your loving-kindness to us through the sacrifice of your Son for us.

And so We come before you in His name,

in faith.

We come by His saving name as the One who died for us.

We ask for your grace because of His blood

which paid the debts for our sins

and cleansed us from unrighteousness.

We come before you for the great exchange,

the amazing grace that you promise us in your word.

Lord, you have given us His worthiness for our unworthiness,

His sinlessness for our transgressions,

His purity for our uncleanness.

We ask you to exchange the guile of our hearts for His sincerity,

exchange our lies for His truth,

exchange our pride for His meekness,

our backsliding and inconsistency for His consistency,

our disinterest for His love,

our emptiness for His fullness,

our treachery for His faithfulness,

exchange our lawlessness for his obedience,

exchange our shame for His glory,

our waywardness for His devotedness,

our impurity for His holiness,

our dead works for His righteousness,

our death for His life.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen

(Adapted from “God the All Sufficient” from “The Valley of Vision“)