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How lovely is the place where you dwell, O Lord Almighty.

Wherever you are, we want to be.

Our souls, from the very depths of our beings, yearn for you.

We have no strength without you.

We want to be in your presence and among your people.

Our hearts cry out.

Our flesh cries out.

But we don’t want worldly things

because they do not satisfy.

We want to know and be known by the living God.

You take care of your creation, Lord.

When we leave the noise behind, we can sense a peace around us.

When we stand in the meadow, on a hill, or in the forest,

it’s like the grass, the trees, the birds and the creatures know

you are there

and are caring for them.

It’s like they are near your alter

and we want to be there too.

O Lord Almighty,

our King

and Our God,

blessed are those who are a part of your family,

a part of your church,

are among your people,

adopted as your children,

saved by your grace.

Blessed are those who come into your house, your church, and are praising you.

Blessed are those who praise you in every part of their lives.

Blessed are those who find their strength in you,

and who have set their hearts to walk with you,

no matter where you lead,

and who journey with you their whole lives.

When we have journeyed through the land of weeping on our pilgrimage,

you have shown us comfort and beauty.

Your healing rain washes away our tears

and we can see that in the middle of our winter you are bringing the spring.

When we trust in you we will never falter or stumble.

We will go from strength to strength because we know that when we are weak, we are strong…

until one day, we will see you face to face in Heaven.

We come to you today in prayer, O Lord God Almighty.

We ask you to listen to us, O God of Jacob.

We are under attack in our home,

our church,

our town

and inside our hearts and minds.

We are in a daily battle.

Look up on us and defend us, O God.

You have chosen us to be your own,

and we ask you humbly to defend

our hearts,



church and town.

There are many who want to tear us from you.

There are many who beset your people.

Atheists and pagans surround us,

and are in places of great influence.

Bring your salvation to them,

and help them to come to you for wisdom and strength.

Better is one day of worshipping you than a thousand days of doing anything else.

We would rather be doorkeepers in the house of God than be anywhere else.

For you, Lord God are bright as the sun, shining light in dark places,

and as strong as a shield, defending us from our enemies.

It is you who bestow favour and honour,

and who give all good things.

You reward those who are righteous,

and we trust you.

O Lord Almighty, blessed are the men, women and children, who trusts in you.

(Inspired by Psalm 84)