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“God, you are faithful.

You will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear.

But when we are tempted,

You will also provide a way out

so that we can stand up under it.” (1 Cor 10:13)

You are Faithful.

You never change.

You are always there.

You’ve never failed anyone

and you never will.

You are worthy of our worship,

our praise,

our adoration,

our prayers,

our thanksgivings

and our attentions.

To you belongs all glory

and we come to you as your children today,

in need,

trusting in your faithfulness.


We confess this morning that we have been tempted

and did not take the way out that you had provided.

You offered us the power to stand up under our temptations,

to be strong in our weaknesses,

to be able in our disability,

to mount up with wings as eagles,

to run and not grow faint

– but we did not take what you offered.

Instead we went to idols,

to addictions,

to worldly means,

and even to ourselves instead.

Forgive us for being so short-sighted,

so foolish,

so arrogant and prideful,

so ridiculous as to think that we could find lasting strength elsewhere.

Forgive us, cleanse us, renew us, and deliver us, Lord Jesus.


We come to you in need today.

We are hurting physically

and we need your healing touch on our bodies.

We are hurting emotionally

and we need your special presence and comfort

as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

We are hurting spiritually

as we suffer through a long, dark night of the soul,

and we need your light to guide us out.

We are hurting relationally

and we need your wisdom to guide us to know how to forgive,

to ask forgiveness,

to seek out for mercy

or to seek out for confrontation.

Some of us are hurting in our occupation

and need your help to understand some problems at work.

Others are hurting in their mind

and need your supernatural guidance, strength, knowledge and truth.

We run towards your mercy today.

We lean upon your love.

We dive into your faithfulness.

We fall into your grace.

            As we open your word today,Lord Jesus,

help us see you more,

know you better,

hear your voice,

see your hands at work,

experience conviction,


and spiritual enlightenment.

We pray this in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen


  1. Hi Al,

    i just read the pastoral prayer you posted this AM. i remember it from the last Sunday we were at church. It is so powerful and really tugged at my heart. Thanks for continuing to write and pray these prayers and to post them. They help me immensely.
    See u on the 22nd.