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“God is our refuge and strength,

an ever present help in trouble.

Therefore we will not fear,

through the earth give way

and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,

though the waters roar and foam

and the mountains quake with their surging…

The Lord Almighty is with us;

the God of Jacob is our fortress.”

(Psalm 46:1-3, 7)

We praise you Lord for

your might and power,

your strength and resolve,

your love and faithfulness,

your deliverance and salvation.

Where else is there to run to but you, our great King?


We not only confess your greatness Lord, but our weakness.

We have, this week, broken your moral law,

despite the warnings you brought into our spirit.

We have been sexually immoral,

lusting after the flesh,

not keeping our eyes from sin,

and wilfully committing adultery in our hearts

– and blaming others for our own evil thoughts.

We have participated in orgies Lord

– some in our minds, others with their body,

but you see no difference.

Purify our hearts,

our minds.

Lord, help us to live in purity.

We have imported impurity into our minds,



– even causing others to follow us in our impurity as we spread it around

– forgive us and make us clean, Lord.

We have erected and worshipped worldly idols in our homes,

our hearts

our lives

– help us break them down so you may have all of us Lord.

We have indulged in witchcraft,

thanking luck, chance, charms, and crossed fingers

for the good you have given us

– giving power and worship to demonic thoughts.

Help us trust you and you alone.

We have sown hatred,



and have created factions

through gossip,


malicious words,

thoughtless e-mails

and have spread lies about people by not checking our facts before passing along stories.

Forgive us and help us be more wise and helpful in our communication.

We have had fits of rage,

sinning in our anger,

setting ourselves up as judge,

jury and


of those who we have decided deserve our wrath.

Forgive us and help us be people of grace

and peace,

leaving judgment and punishment to you alone.

We have sinned by indulging in drunkenness

– using chemicals to stimulate us,

to help us deal with problems,

to give us courage.

We have replaced your Holy Spirit with a substance.

Help us lean on you alone.

When faced with our list of sins

Lord we are overwhelmed.

And when faced with your grace to forgive,

we are overwhelmed again.

Forgive us, Lord.

We repent one more time.

We do not deserve to be forgiven and cleansed,

and yet you will

– over and over

– washing away our guilt

and shame

and renewing us daily.

We can’t thank you enough for that.


We pray this week for the people of Toronto and Calgary areas who are cleaning up after the floods.

Thank you for sparing the lives of so many,

and we pray for the three families who are mourning in Alberta.

Give them peace, Lord.

Grant the authorities wisdom in how to clean up,

give the insurance companies grace to help the hurting,

and give everyone supernatural patience.

We also pray for all the people of Lac Megantic who are mourning this week, Lord.

You are a good Father

and you know their needs.

There are people there who will be drawn to you because of this.

There are those who will blame you.

Hear them as they cry out, Father.

Help them come to you for comfort

and strength.

Bring the culprits to justice

and make them pay for their crimes.

But above all, Lord,

make your Gospel flourish and grow in that community.

Let your grace be evident and your Spirit potent to them.

Use your local church

and give the local ministers the right words to bring comfort to the people

and glory to you.

We pray this in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.