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Tuesdays are usually the day I catch up on the various feeds I’m signed up to (blogs, video channels, podcasts, etc.) and I come across so much good content as I wander through the links that I want to share it with you. I also share a lot of other links on Facebook and Twitter if you want to connect me there too.

Articles From Around

Common Accusations Against the Resurrection – [A helpful, albeit long, article addressing the 4 biggest counter-arguments to the resurrection of Jesus.]

The Death of Despair – “Despite our relative prosperity, our emphasis on self-esteem, our investments in personal and financial security, our boundless expenditures on health and fitness, our industries of fun and entertainment, we are a nation gripped by fear, angst, and uncertainty.”

Are You Good Enough? – “How many of us live with a deep sense of unworthiness afraid that if people knew the real us we would not be loved?”

Did God set up Judas? – “The culprit was revealed as he dipped his hand in the bowl with Jesus.”

Where did Jesus go on Saturday? – “Where and what Jesus did after his death and before his resurrection may never be settled this side of heaven.”

Bees Still Dying at a Fantastic Rate – “Despite progress in recent years on causes and cures, colony collapse disorder has wreaked havoc on honeybee colonies across the country.”

YoYo Kid – [I love videos that show how amazing humans can be when they put their minds to something.]

Woodpecker Fills Antenna with Acorns [That’s just a LOT of acorns!]