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Tuesdays are usually the day I catch up on the various feeds I’m signed up to (blogs, video channels, podcasts, etc.). A while back I shared some of my favourite Thinker Blogs, Christian Living Blogs, Leadership Blogs, and Podcasts, but I come across so much good content as I wander through the links that I want to start a regular feature which brings some of it to you. I share a lot of other links on Facebook and Twitter as well, if you want to connect me there too.

Articles From Around

Survey: Spiritual Maturity Comes Through Intentionality – ” According to a survey released by LifeWay Research, Christians on the path to spiritual maturity have a habit of seeking God through prayer and worship—not just in church but also as a part of their daily life as a way to please and honor God.”

The Problem with Christians Doing the ‘Harlem Shake’ – “Who knows why such weird, borderline-incomprehensible setups go viral, but here we are, weeks into the age of the ‘Harlem Shake,’ watching Christian college students and church members don wacky costumes and dance like crazy.”

How Dutch Legalizing of Prostitution, Drugs, & Euthanasia is Working Out“The Netherlands, that once-Calvinist land, has gone farther than just about any other country in legalizing “victimless crimes,” such as prostitution, drug use, and euthanasia.  Now that country is facing the unintended consequences, including an upsurge in organized crime, social squalor, and a  deluge of sex tourists, drug tourists, and death tourists (who only buy a one-way ticket).”

Debunking Megachurch Myths: Especially the One About Sheep Swapping“Some megachurches are not healthy environments…. I think some are quite terrible and fulfill every stereotype out there. Yet, there are also some great ones, and for that I am thankful. I want to understand them more and, when possible, to encourage them on their journey.”

Overcoming Four Church Myths “The Bible portrays the church as something strange and unusual. But many Christians approach the local church in ways that conform more to the patterns of the world than to the pattern of God’s Word.”

The Generation Gap Among Christian Women“How is it that today’s generation of Christian women are more likely to list a celebrity like Angelina Jolie as their hero rather than a mentor, leader, or female friend in their own congregation? We, as Christian women over 40, have some work to do”

Factory to Self-Fabrication: 14 3D-Printed Design Objects“The world of desktop 3D printing has made factory-style fabrication possibilities available to artists and designers, who turn digital models into three-dimensional solid objects with successive layers of plastic or metal.”

“Jeffrey Wright uses wacky experiments to teach children about the universe, but it is his own personal story that teaches them the true meaning of life.”

“Millions of young Christians are disconnecting from church as they transition into adulthood. They’re real people, not just statistics. And each one has a story to tell.”