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Month: February 2013

Sermon 6

The Foundations: What is a Church?

For some, a “church” is simply a building. If you punch the word “church” into Google images that’s what you get – pictures of beautiful buildings. You’ve probably been asked the question, “Do you go to church?”, as though “church” was a destination to reach, or an address to be found. If it was the middle of the night and you happened […]

Sermon 3

The Foundations: What is a Christian?

  There is no simple answer to this question because Christians are multifaceted: they believe certain truths, do amazing things, and they experience the power of God. I Want What They Have I’ve heard a lot of people’s testimonies and one common phrase that keeps coming up is: “I want what they have.” Many people’s testimony has a scene where […]

Sermon 3

The Five Solas: Sola Fide

(If you would like to see the sermon video, click here.) I’ve talked previously about the importance of having foundational, fundamental, bedrock beliefs that every Christian can affirm, no matter where they are, what tradition they come from, and what language they speak. The central theme of this series I’m calling “The True Gospel” was the introduction of the Five […]

Devotional 7

From Shrove Tuesday to Mardi Gras

My nephew was asked to put together a report on Mardi Gras which reminded me of a reflection piece I had written that might be of help to him, and hopefully you too. Throwing the Baby Out With the Bath Water The traditional Christian season of Lent starts on February 13 this year. Christians have been practicing the 40 days […]

Discipleship 1

The Five Solas: Sola Gratia

(This is a follow-up post to The Foundations: The True Gospel) The Second is Sola Gratia, or Grace Alone, was the overarching theme of the Reformationists, not because the Roman Catholic Church was teaching that salvation isn’t from the Grace of God found in Jesus, but because they teach that other things must to be done as well. They teach that it is Jesus […]