(This is a follow-up post to The Foundations: The True Gospel)


Sola Scriptura, or Scripture Alone, is the principal and belief that The Bible is the supreme authority in all spiritual matters. It is the acknowledgement that the Bible contains the very Words of God. They are not, as 2 Peter 1:16 puts it, “cleverly devised myths”, but are divine revelations and eye witness accounts which contain, as 2 Timothy 3:15-17 says, “sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.”

It is not A BOOK about God, it is THE BOOK about God.

It is not A BOOK about humanity’s history, purpose, worth and destiny, it is THE BOOK about humanity’s history, purpose, worth and destiny.

It is not a confusing book because it was intended to be read and understood.

It is not a simple book, because it contains immense truths about everything that truly matters to the human heart.

It is not a nice book meant to make us feel happy all the time, it is a truthful book that will bring us face-to-face with who we really are, the depravity of our souls, and our desperate need for a Saviour, and then bring us elation and joy beyond any other human experience as it teaches us how to restore our relationship with our beloved Creator who did everything possible to restore us back to Him when we would not and could not.

Some will tell you this is one book of many religious books that point to God. That’s an impossibility because this book and it’s author claim absolute exclusivity.

Some will tell you that this book is full of ancient truths for a different time. That’s wrong because this is the living, breathing, perfect for every human being ever, Word of an Eternal God who chose every single word, and has protected from corruption for generations.

Some will argue that since the bible is not a scientific textbook, it must be wrong, but it was never intended to be and it has been proven right and accurate in every area it has been tested against.

Certainly Christians are helped by many other kinds of books, but every Christian must believe in Sola Scriptura, that Scripture Alone is the source of the perfect revelation of God, or they will open themselves to falsehood, lies, and deception. Everything is tested by scripture. God is absolutely clear that no one is to add or take away from what He has written (Rev 20:18-19, Deut 4:2) and the true church has been vigilant to correct and combat anyone who has tried to do so because within this Book are the words of life.


  1. The LORD be glorified as HE enables people to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints.
    Thank you Pastor Al.