I have a deep and abiding passion for intentional discipleship and designing a path to take people from “unsaved” to “church elder” has been my preoccupation for a few years now. The intensity of this fixation has increased recently as I have worked through a re-visioning process with the church I’m currently serving, and then doubled over the past month as I’ve planned a sermon series to explain the foundations of the Christian faith. If I sound obsessed, it’s because I kind-of am.

Picture by Jonathan Slomanhttp://www.jonathans.me.uk
Picture by Jonathan Sloman – http://www.jonathans.me.uk

I thought it might be interesting/helpful to release the two sheets of paper that have dominated the greater part of my thought life for a long while and get some feedback on them. Yes, they probably need some explaining (and if you show up on Sunday, I’ll do my best!), but I hope they are simple enough to be understood without much exegesis.

So here’s the first: What a Christian Needs Knows & Does

This is where the obsession started. One day, and I can’t remember how it came up, I asked myself, “What does a Christian need to know?”. This immediately brought up the next question, “What does a church need to do for people?” So I got out my computer and some books and started making a list… a list that made me feel very overwhelmed.

Armed with this list I asked myself, “As their pastor, how can I make sure that the people who come to my church are able to get all this into their mind, spirit and lives?” And then my brain exploded.

After picking myself (and my grey matter) off the floor, I sat down to make a plan which I’ve been working on and adapting for quite a while now.

And here it is: An Intentional Discipleship Path

I invite you to check it out and let me know what you think.