I’m currently on a “staycation”. I was starting to feel tired and distracted, and I know what happens when I travel down that road too far, so I scheduled some time off. I’m not going anywhere, but I get to sleep in some, hang out with the family, and do some fun things around the house I didn’t have time for.

I’ve been reading some blogs and occasionally picking up a book, but mostly I’ve just tuned out and hit the “mark all as read” button a lot (so I don’t have a million posts waiting when I get back into it).

But there are two podcasts I make sure I listen to, and didn’t realize how much I appreciate them until this week.

#1 Good Job, Brain
This weekly trivia show, released every Monday, is far and away my favourite podcast. It is not Christian, there is no theology, no leadership training or church development teaching, but it helps me connect to God, laugh and learn.
I send them this a while back to tell them how I feel: “I know your not a Christian show, but I wanted to thank you for helping me with my relationship with God. Your collective awe at the beauty and marvel of creation is both contagious and inspiring! Thank you so very much for this show. There is no other podcast that I anticipate more than yours. Thanks for blessing me!”

#2 The Briefing by Albert Mohler Jr.
In this 15 minute, daily podcast Albert Mohler takes current events and helps us process them from a Christian worldview. I owe Dr. Mohler a great deal of thanks for expanding my understanding of the world. Of course I have learned from him, but I have also been given help defending the faith, applying scripture, and growing in wisdom and faith. I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough.