During the “Ask The Pastor” meetings on Wednesday nights at the church I serve, many questions come up that I don’t have the time or equipment to be able to give a full answer to.  I believe there are many who have similar concerns and questions, so for a little while I’m going to use this forum to share a few resources to dig deeper into these important topics.

Many people have been affected by today’s topic — suicide. I’ve known friends and family who have attempted or even committed suicide. I’ve presided over a funeral service for a man who had killed himself. I know how deeply emotional and confusing this topic can be — even doing the research for these links broke my heart — so I hope these links will help your mind be at rest, and expand your faith in the grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Important Note: If you are contemplating suicide, or are looking here for a way to be able to commit suicide but still go to heaven, then please seek help. Call your pastor, a Christian friend, or click here to find a place to go for help.

A Christian View of Suicide

John MacArthur’s Grace to You Q&A – “Can one who commits suicide be saved”?

GotQuestions.org – “What does the bible say about suicide?”

Christianity Today – Suicide and the Silence of Scripture

Christianity Today – Is Suicide Unforgiveable

AUDIO – Tom Holladay answers “What does the Bible say about suicide?” at Saddleback Church

VIDEO – The “Bible Answer Man” answers “What happens to Christians who commit suicide?”


  1. Suicide hurts every one you love! I heard a man once say that “People do this because they want to hurt others.” But some are just trying to stop their own hurt. These should consider that all their brothers and sisters will be hurt by this (deeply hurt), their Mom and Dad will be hurt by this, their children will be hurt by this, their friends will be also. Not only will they be saddened by it but then they have to explain why their relative took his or her own life. People who have had a relative do this are said to have “Joined a secretive society of grievers”. Why secret, because they do not like to talk about it, there is a certain shame attached to it. The only ones who will talk about it to you are those who have suffered the same, and then they come to you or phone you and say, “I know how you feel.”
    This as other sins start in the mind, change your thought life! If you have obsessive thoughts, you can’t stop thinking about it, or anything, then “overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). Start reading large portions of the Bible (out loud if necessary) and “cleanse your self”! (John 15:1-3, 17:17)